When Phillip died he was in his 60’s, so not that old but he still loved a full life. Up until his very last breath the dude was absolutely jacked. His relationship with Jesus Christ, his relationship with his family and friends and his career were all extremely important to him but so was staying fit. I don’t think I ever say the guy go two days in a row without working out. He just loved the fact that he could continuously better his body.

He not only worked out often but he ate well. He looked at food as fuel. Of course there were times where I would see him have something he enjoyed that was particularly healthy for him but most of the time the guy was a mean clean eating machine.

The main reason Phil strived to be in such good shape was so that he could be the best he could be in all other areas of his life. Here is an exact excerpt from his journal as to why he worked so hard to be healthy:

  1. To stay physically attractive for my wife. I want to put my best foot forward for her always.
  2. To show my children that I am driven and disciplined in all areas of my life. And so that they think I am a badass.
  3. So I can have energy. I want to live life to the fullest and to be able to do that I need energy all the time. 
  4. To live as long as possible as healthily as possible. I hate being sick and I want to be around until my kids grow older. 
  5. It has always helped me sleep better, simple as that. 
  6. I like to see results and get satisfaction out of making progress. 

Hopefully this motivates you to either start exercising or start exercising even harder than you already are! Don’t take your body for granted. Treat it with respect so that you can be the best you possible!