Goals setting concept in tag cloud
One of the most important skills I took away from my mentor Phillip, was how to set goals affectively. People often think they know how to set goals but in reality they have no idea! When people know how to affectively set goals, the amount they can achieve escalates greatly. If you want to get serious about setting goals and achieving the goals you set, take notes! Entrepreneur.com offers some great insight on goal setting as well.

Have you ever heard of the acronym S.M.A.R.T. Well if you haven’t it can change your life. When you set goals they must be smart goals. They must be each of the following if you truly want to set goals affectively and achieve them.




S – Specific. Meaning what, where and how. Extremely detailed don’t be general or vague. Make sure
you can define them.


M – Measurable. You must be able to see progress in where you’re heading. You have to be able to look back and be able to determine how you have progressed.


A – Assignable, who is this goal for? For you, for your family, for your business, for your team? Assigning a goal to someone or something will help drive you and keep you motivated.


R – Realistic/feasible. Turning on alight bulb is unrealistic, flying apiece of metal across the ocean is unrealistic but it happened. Have challenging goals, yet make them attainable. Better to set a goal that is high that you don’t achieve rather than a low one that you can easily achieve that didn’t better you.


T – Time. Ask yourself, when are you going to do this? When are you going to achieve what you want to achieve? Have an aggressive and feasible goal that has a time frame.

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