Diversify… what do I mean by that. If you want to generate a lot of cashflow to your bank account then this term is so incredibly crucial. Phillip diversified like a madman when it came to what he put his money into and how he generated more of it and guess what… he was a multi-millionaire. Having multiple income streams is so crucial if you want to be financially free.

Phil invested in the stock market, check out this wiki article if you want to learn more on how to do that. He helped start multiple companies, one of which was the window washing company I had previously mentioned that my friend owns. It is a pretty sweet business, check it out here if you want. He owned vending machines, was involved in real estate and of course owned his own company which was his main source of revenue.

If for one second you think to yourself that this was all handed to my mentor you are dead wrong. He worked so hard and started with nothing to create this network diverse income streams. Anything is possible. If you want to make a lot of money then you have to work your can off in many different ways. I am not telling you to spread your eggs into to many baskets all at once. What I am saying is build one thing at a time until it generates you passive income and then move onto the next. Create well oiled machines that just real in the cash without you having to be there and you will be a millionaire.

In order to create these passive income streams, you have to put a ton, and I mean a ton of upfront work into them. You will have to go days, without sleeping at times and there will be moments where you will dount if it is worth it. But if you truly want financial freedom and want to do things that others can’t, then for awhile you have to be willing to do things that others won’t. Through hard work and diversification, you can get there just as my man Phil did.


When Phillip died he was in his 60’s, so not that old but he still loved a full life. Up until his very last breath the dude was absolutely jacked. His relationship with Jesus Christ, his relationship with his family and friends and his career were all extremely important to him but so was staying fit. I don’t think I ever say the guy go two days in a row without working out. He just loved the fact that he could continuously better his body.

He not only worked out often but he ate well. He looked at food as fuel. Of course there were times where I would see him have something he enjoyed that was particularly healthy for him but most of the time the guy was a mean clean eating machine.

The main reason Phil strived to be in such good shape was so that he could be the best he could be in all other areas of his life. Here is an exact excerpt from his journal as to why he worked so hard to be healthy:

  1. To stay physically attractive for my wife. I want to put my best foot forward for her always.
  2. To show my children that I am driven and disciplined in all areas of my life. And so that they think I am a badass.
  3. So I can have energy. I want to live life to the fullest and to be able to do that I need energy all the time. 
  4. To live as long as possible as healthily as possible. I hate being sick and I want to be around until my kids grow older. 
  5. It has always helped me sleep better, simple as that. 
  6. I like to see results and get satisfaction out of making progress. 

Hopefully this motivates you to either start exercising or start exercising even harder than you already are! Don’t take your body for granted. Treat it with respect so that you can be the best you possible!

Phil loved reading about and learning from those who were more successful than him, regardless of whether they were older or younger. One of his favorite businessmen and authors was Robert Kiyosaki. This is a direct quote from one of Kiyosaki’s books that Phillip always talked about and I want to share it with you.

Don't Play It Safe

“If you are the kind of person who has no guts, you just give up every time life pushes you. If you’re that kind of person, you’ll live all your life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for some event that never happens. Then you die a boring old man. The truth is that you let life push you into submission. Deep down you were terrified of taking risks. You really wanted to win, but the fear of losing was greater than the excitement of winning. Deep inside you and only you will know you didn’t go for it. You chose to play it safe.”

My mentor loved this quote because it scared him of being average. This quote described the exact type of person that he didn’t want to be. Upon reading Kiyosaki’s book for the first time, he was motivated to start taking more risks and being more bold. The first thing he did after acquiring this knowledge was invest in a company called Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaner. It was a smart investment I might add and ended up making him a lot of money.

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Here is a little motivation for today. Nothing to do with my mentor Phil, I just wanted to put out one of my favorite videos to wake up to in the morning. If you are struggling and feel like you can’t get out of the slump you are in, this is for you. Remember, greatness is achievable for everyone. You just have to set your mind to whatever it is you want to achieve and never ever give up. If you haven’t read any of my other posts and are wondering who I am, go here to learn more about me. Anyways, here is that video I promised.

Pretty good huh. Now, don’t just sit back and day dream. Go make it happen! Take one step at a time and never look back. If you fall down 9 times, get up 10. It may sound cliche but it is true. Those who never give up and always show up are the ones who see great success. That is what separates the top 1% from the majority. If you need someone to chat with or someone to hold you accountable, I am always available!

Sacrifice… what a tough thing huh? Phillip Brunelle never talked about this subject matter to me but he was always showing me what sacrifice looked like. He would leave work early to have more time with his family and then come back to work when they went to sleep. He would spend time coaching his kids in their sports multiple times a week when he could have had that time to himself. He got up two hours earlier than he had to just to make sure he was on top of everything so he could always provide for his family.

Sacrifice is when one gives up something that is valued or important for the sake of other considerations. Phil knew how to sacrifice for others as well as make sacrifices to be great.


Always put others first, especially those who are most important to you. Learn to sacrifice daily for these people. Do things in their best interest not in yours. Love and sacrifice go hand in hand. This does not mean don’t take care of yourself but it does mean be a servant to others, especially family and friends. Leaders know how to sacrifice.

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Phillip was always good at balancing his time. He was the hardest working man I knew but he also knew how to relax and genuinely enjoy life. I remember one day as I first started working for him we had so much to do. We were overwhelmed and had what felt like a million calls to make and millions meetings to attend. For about half the day we knocked out a huge chunk of our work and I was exhausted. My brain was about to snap but I was pushing to keep going. All of the sudden, Phil came into my office and said “that’s it lets get out of here” and just like that we grabbed our things and left work. He wanted to go hangout with his family and he invited me to tag along. I would often spend time at Phil’s house so the fact that I was leaving work with my mentor was not an untypical thing, just so you know. As I look back I realize from this memory of mine, Phil knew when to take a good break and go invest time into what was most important to him, his family and relationships. I think this is a necessary trait and skill to have as a business person or for anyone who is in the workforce.

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You Are What You Do

I remember it like yesterday, Phillip sat me down in his office and had a talk with me about always doing what you say and being a man of your word. Most of the things I learned from him were from me merely observing and taking notes of his actions, but this lesson probably sticks out to me so much because he had such a serious conversation with me about the topic. Now, I know what you are probably thinking, “well duh you should do what you say and follow through.” Well guess what, it may be a simple thing but more and more people are becoming terrible at following their words with their actions. Not being able to follow through causes people to not trust you, it makes you look like a selfish liar and eventually will ruin your relationships with others even the important ones.

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Phillip always over emphasized the importance of good habits. Habits are what make or break a person. You cannot achieve what you want to achieve or be successful in any area of life without having more positive and productive habits than negative ones. The people who experience extreme success did not just achieve their goals and dreams over night. They worked at it and over time they built habits that led to success. Here are some basic habits that anyone who wants to be their best self can build into their daily lives:

Quiet Time: Let’s face it, we are busy busy people especially in today’s society. We are always on the go. Building the habit of carving ten to thirty minutes out of your day to read a personal development book, read the Bible, write down goals, or simply sit and reflect on life is crucial for success. People need to be able to clear their head.

Set A Schedule. With all the things you have going, organize your life by writing down and maintaining a schedule. Knowing and seeing what you have to do helps hold you accountable, reminds you and pushes you. My good friend who owns a window washing company called www.northwestglassact.com is one of the busiest people I know. He would not be able to run his business or his life for that matter without a schedule. Just ask him! Scheduling out your days is extremely helpful and worth it. Look into it.

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Over the years Phillip taught me what it truly meant to be a leader, both by conversation and by being an example to me. Today, I want to share with you some of the most valuable lessons I have come to learn on leadership and what it truly means to me.

Here are some of the notes I gathered learning from my mentor who was an amazing leader. I felt they would be more beneficial and easier to comprehend in bulleted form rather than paragraph form:

  • What you are is God’s gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God.
  • Why do people fail to realize and fulfill their full potential?
    • Some people are afraid, but some people never even get the chance. If you have the chance do not be afraid.
  • So many things crush potential. But what unlocks it?
    • Leadership unlocks potential.
  • The highest calling of leadership is to unlock other people’s potential.
  • Leadership is not management. Management is really important but it is within known constraints and conditions. A leader changes these conditions.

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Similar to the Defining Leadership article I published, today’s article touches again on the subject of leadership. My mentor was such a great and natural leader and he was always helping and showing others how to be more affective as leaders. I remember learning these concepts from Phillip, back when I still called him Mr. Brunelle. He had just started to take me under his wing and he invited me to take a ride with him to lunch in a limo provided by his favorite limo company that he used what seemed like everyday. In the vehicle he explained to me anyone can lead, but many make dangerous mistakes while doing so. Over time I have studied the following aspects of broken leadership and not partaking in them has made a significant difference in my leadership roles.

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