Want Financial Freedom…Diversify


Diversify… what do I mean by that. If you want to generate a lot of cashflow to your bank account then this term is so incredibly crucial. Phillip diversified like a madman when it came to what he put his money into and how he generated more of it and guess what… he was a multi-millionaire. Having multiple income streams is so crucial if you want to be financially free.

Phil invested in the stock market, check out this wiki article if you want to learn more on how to do that. He helped start multiple companies, one of which was the window washing company I had previously mentioned that my friend owns. It is a pretty sweet business, check it out here if you want. He owned vending machines, was involved in real estate and of course owned his own company which was his main source of revenue.

If for one second you think to yourself that this was all handed to my mentor you are dead wrong. He worked so hard and started with nothing to create this network diverse income streams. Anything is possible. If you want to make a lot of money then you have to work your can off in many different ways. I am not telling you to spread your eggs into to many baskets all at once. What I am saying is build one thing at a time until it generates you passive income and then move onto the next. Create well oiled machines that just real in the cash without you having to be there and you will be a millionaire.

In order to create these passive income streams, you have to put a ton, and I mean a ton of upfront work into them. You will have to go days, without sleeping at times and there will be moments where you will dount if it is worth it. But if you truly want financial freedom and want to do things that others can’t, then for awhile you have to be willing to do things that others won’t. Through hard work and diversification, you can get there just as my man Phil did.