Sacrifice… what a tough thing huh? Phillip Brunelle never talked about this subject matter to me but he was always showing me what sacrifice looked like. He would leave work early to have more time with his family and then come back to work when they went to sleep. He would spend time coaching his kids in their sports multiple times a week when he could have had that time to himself. He got up two hours earlier than he had to just to make sure he was on top of everything so he could always provide for his family.

Sacrifice is when one gives up something that is valued or important for the sake of other considerations. Phil knew how to sacrifice for others as well as make sacrifices to be great.


Always put others first, especially those who are most¬†important to you. Learn to sacrifice daily for these people. Do things in their best interest not in yours. Love and sacrifice go hand in hand. This does not mean don’t take care of yourself but it does mean be a servant to others, especially family and friends. Leaders know how to sacrifice.

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