Breaks Not Burnouts

Phillip was always good at balancing his time. He was the hardest working man I knew but he also knew how to relax and genuinely enjoy life. I remember one day as I first started working for him we had so much to do. We were overwhelmed and had what felt like a million calls to make and millions meetings to attend. For about half the day we knocked out a huge chunk of our work and I was exhausted. My brain was about to snap but I was pushing to keep going. All of the sudden, Phil came into my office and said “that’s it lets get out of here” and just like that we grabbed our things and left work. He wanted to go hangout with his family and he invited me to tag along. I would often spend time at Phil’s house so the fact that I was leaving work with my mentor was not an untypical thing, just so you know. As I look back I realize from this memory of mine, Phil knew when to take a good break and go invest time into what was most important to him, his family and relationships. I think this is a necessary trait and skill to have as a business person or for anyone who is in the workforce.

Many people struggle with the temptation to work and never stop. There are many men and women who are straight up workaholics. It is great that they know how to work so hard and that they are striving to achieve their goals but they are missing out on what is most important in life… Relationships! People who work and never take healthy breaks often burnout and end up going through the motions or even quitting. Phillip knew this. He set aside time to enjoy life and people and the things he was blessed with. It is very important to take time off from work, whether it be your job, or your own business or a goal you are working to achieve. Now, I am not saying don’t give your everything and I am not telling you to not work as hard as you can. You should absolutely do this. You just need to find a healthy balance. Phillip often used this saying for many things, “it is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” How applicable is that to this topic! If you sprint rather than pace yourself you will not be able to make it near as far, thus not being able to achieve as much. Set a schedule for yourself helping you balance your time so you don’t get burned out and then commit to it. Take breaks don’t settle for burnouts.