Habits Habits Habits.

Phillip always over emphasized the importance of good habits. Habits are what make or break a person. You cannot achieve what you want to achieve or be successful in any area of life without having more positive and productive habits than negative ones. The people who experience extreme success did not just achieve their goals and dreams over night. They worked at it and over time they built habits that led to success. Here are some basic habits that anyone who wants to be their best self can build into their daily lives:

Quiet Time: Let’s face it, we are busy busy people especially in today’s society. We are always on the go. Building the habit of carving ten to thirty minutes out of your day to read a personal development book, read the Bible, write down goals, or simply sit and reflect on life is crucial for success. People need to be able to clear their head.

Set A Schedule. With all the things you have going, organize your life by writing down and maintaining a schedule. Knowing and seeing what you have to do helps hold you accountable, reminds you and pushes you. My good friend who owns a window washing company called www.northwestglassact.com is one of the busiest people I know. He would not be able to run his business or his life for that matter without a schedule. Just ask him! Scheduling out your days is extremely helpful and worth it. Look into it.

Surrounding Yourself With Winners. Making a habit of hanging out with people who make you better is a must. You are a product of your environment. It may be difficult to let go of certain friends, but if they are not making you better, of course still love them, but they are not good for you to be around. Be with people who are like minded to you, who are driven and self motivated.

Reflect. When you go to bed, reflect on your day. Look back and note the positives and a few negatives. Ask yourself “Did I give my all today? If I could redo the today over would I?” Take these experiences and learn from them, maybe even jot what you have learned down. This way when the next day rolls around, you already know it is going to be better than the last no matter how good or bad it was.

Find The Positives. There are so many negative things in this world, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus on them. If you are having a tough time liking a person, only focus on the qualities that you like about them. Positivity is a choice, and choosing it over and over again is hard but worth it. Having the Habit of thinking positive will change your life.

These are just a few of the lessons I have learned from Phillip on Habits. There will be many more on this topic of habits. Building excellent habits can be extremely difficult, but if you want to be great it is the only way. If you have any questions for me on the topic of habits, reach out!